Wednesday, November 30, 2016

My thoughts on Love

Love is patience, love is kind...I've heard these words and I believe them to be true in many ways. There is a sense of balance in romance, just like dancing and to me it represents all that is good in life. Everyone wants to be loved, and you can't hide from it, its a feeling that most long for.

Love is actions through the heart. It's a form of care and consistency that makes the bond strong between two souls.

Love might possibly be one of the best adventures you will have in your life, it can take your mind to places unknown and splendid.

I'm not necessarily talking about the love between lovers, this could indeed be through friends, family and other.

I've learned that expressing love through listening, attention, focusing in on the moment and using your heart to reply in honesty is the purest you can be. That taking a moment for another and using kind intentions are valued.

In a nut shell, love is kindness in all senses of the word put into practice by unshakable actions.

And NOW, the kind of love in movies...This is by far one of my most favorite Love Stories, star crossed lovers so to speak. I guess it's because I've never been one for love out of convenience, but more love that adapts or commences by happenstance. 

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