Saturday, November 12, 2016

Focusing on Forgiveness for Self-preservation

I have been pacing through my days the last few months with a fire inside yet again. I have sung with my bands and poured out my soul over music. I have met and spent time with amazing people who made me realize my self worth and above all restored my faith in humanity.

I can't even imagine rewinding the clock to a year ago and seeing my mopey old self. I would shake her, I would grab her and tell her to wake up and smell the roses and above all I would tell her that it's never ever worth it to drag yourself through an unhappy life when it is indeed short.

This post is not about wasting time, its about learning from time spent and making absolutely sure that going forward the time is used wisely around those who inspire, lift and make us bloom.

It's true, we out-grow certain types of people as we change. It's a fact of life that we will need to leave the past behind us and move forward and that relishing the moments that take our breath away are all part of the divine plan of life to lead us to greener pastures. I for one never regret any of my decisions, in fact I think it's OK to take chances, to dance in the rain so to speak and make a fool of yourself. The people who laugh with you are the one's you want to keep.

I decided to venture back to church on Sunday. It had been over a year since I went to Corner Stone in the Mission. The message for the week was "Forgiveness", it had a lot to do with that feeling you get when you feel betrayed by someone. Now, I know not everyone who is reading this is religious or has a totally different belief, but hear me out. Basically, if I removed "God" from this statement, "It's not worth it to carry around pain of betrayal by someone, but rather to forgive the situation and find peace and let it go."

 It's so true. A lot of us are walking around carrying pain from past hurt. It's not easy to let things go sometimes, but there is no other way to achieve wholeness if you hold on too long. I think the fire dims when you hold too much pain. Many people seek activities to release anger or frustration. Personally I enjoy meditation to find my center, maybe you would too?

My wish for you is to realize that life is filled with some things that test us and make us wonder. Our fire dims from moments that hurt, but we must realize that we are in charge of adding more fuel and making ourselves glow again with great strength, resilience and zest.

As I maneuver through the days ahead, I'm trying to be more light on my feet and keep an open mind. If one thing holds true, each day that passes I'm growing closer to myself and what I want.

It's best not to take things personally if you can. Everyone is on their own journey and has their own background music playing. Part of what makes life so interesting are the lessons that we learn along the way, some of us may even need to learn a few times over again- and that's OK.

Attach yourself to the things that excite you and moments that inspire. Remember in the days ahead we have but one another to lean on. So when you see strangers on the street, share a smile, even if they don't return it; it still leaves an impression about who you are. Every person you run into you have the opportunity to have an impression on, make it a good one.

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