Wednesday, November 30, 2016

My thoughts on Love

Love is patience, love is kind...I've heard these words and I believe them to be true in many ways. There is a sense of balance in romance, just like dancing and to me it represents all that is good in life. Everyone wants to be loved, and you can't hide from it, its a feeling that most long for.

Love is actions through the heart. It's a form of care and consistency that makes the bond strong between two souls.

Love might possibly be one of the best adventures you will have in your life, it can take your mind to places unknown and splendid.

I'm not necessarily talking about the love between lovers, this could indeed be through friends, family and other.

I've learned that expressing love through listening, attention, focusing in on the moment and using your heart to reply in honesty is the purest you can be. That taking a moment for another and using kind intentions are valued.

In a nut shell, love is kindness in all senses of the word put into practice by unshakable actions.

And NOW, the kind of love in movies...This is by far one of my most favorite Love Stories, star crossed lovers so to speak. I guess it's because I've never been one for love out of convenience, but more love that adapts or commences by happenstance. 

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

The Hike: "My New Favorite Pastime"

It was a colder day and the rains had just passed the night before. I'm new to hiking as I've always lived a bit too far from such adventure and for the first time in my life have quick access to trails and beautiful outdoor scenery.

Driving on Highway 35, which is one of my favorites- I stumbled upon the peak of Windy Hill, so as to spoil the longer hike I decided to get out at that spot and take the short climb to the top to take in the view. I really liked the fact that each hill had a bench where you could gather thoughts and glance at the beauty around you. It was so refreshing to breath in the clean air and take time out to just be in the moment. There were a lot of hikers in this particular area who all seemed to be enjoying the day together, I loved the energy.

After snapping a few photos (Selfies included)

I strolled back to my car and continued south where I found another wonderful hiking area called "Russian Ridge." The intimidating part of these trails is that they begin downward, so you feel absolutely great as you pass people with a happy "Good afternoon!" as they huff and puff to the top with a breathless "Hello."

What I really liked most about this particular trail was the solitude. Not too many hikers and the stretch of about 4.25 miles seemed perfect for my experience. I also really liked the rolling hills and the surprise of what might be around each bend. The trees were massive and hung over me in an almost protective shield. As soon as I was in the open space the wind was quite cold and my nose and cheeks were both pretty numb. I did not mind however, and trekked on even after slipping and falling in a muddy patch which I found myself laughing at my clumsy ways. I think the cows were also amused as their heads spun around to see me sprawled out on the ground. =)

I was starting to get tired at this point in my hike. But once that feeling came upon me I thought about how tired a lot of people are in this moment. People who are fighting for their lives, people who can't walk, people who would give anything to be where I was, the freedom the clarity the safeness. I decided to hike up one more hill and push myself a bit more; of course knowing I still had a few miles of up hill to face on the way back. As I walked up the hill I could feel my legs start to get tight, so I stretched a bit- someone forgot to stretch before she hiked today! Oopsy. Still a novice as you can see, but I'm learning as I go and it's been great.

When I decided to go back the truth kinda set in that I was in for a work out. Oh boy, that's all up hill and I'm going to do it- kinda have to get back to my car and I doubt I would sleep well here tonight. =) I tried to concentrate on a few steps ahead of me instead of the longer journey. I could start to feel my heart in my chest at this point, but I figured that was normal. I pushed on and pushed on, now it began to pound. Oh boy, this girl is not in the best of shape. I stopped for a moment to drink some water and let my heart relax from the pounding. I was a bit peeved that all of the time I spent at the gym had not put me in the best shape of my life. I was not fit, or as fit as I would like to be in regards to my cardio health which is very important.

For the rest of the journey up I paid close attention to my heart rate and made sure not to be too aggressive. When I reached the top I was the happiest of happy! Elated, proud and well, sweaty!

I reached my good ole' corolla and placed my hands on the spoiler almost as if it was my savior- "I love you car, you're such a pip!" I had made it, and as I stretched myself out before boarding and returning back to reality I made a promise to myself that unlike surfing where I almost drowned and never grabbed my surf board again, this was different and I was going to return to this same trail and hike it until my little heart could balance the efforts my body needed to climb. This was one of many trails that I plan to conquer as a new outdoor enthusiast.

What goals do you have in life? I'm certain they exists! Have you planned out how you are to achieve them? What big transition are you making? I invite you to pause and do something different with your time. Maybe something that doesn't even require much money- I have found hiking to be just that.

The journey of this hike reminds me how I can get through anything. That with patience and efforts I can survive it and come out on the other end extremely satisfied and ready to take on the next. I'm constantly inspired by my friends who have backpacked in the wild for weeks at a time. That might be the larger goal ahead, baby steps in the mean time.

Take care friends and remember to always smile. I'm so grateful for you in my life and that I can share some of my moments with you.

Monday, November 21, 2016

Thanksgiving Message

I woke up on Sunday feeling extreme gratitude. My warm bed, blankets wrapped around my body, the cool whisper of the wind on the glass. I reached for my bottle of water as I usually do upon my first moments out of bed. Stretching as I walked to our living room peering out at the hills before me. Cold dreary day, so mystical and alluring. I smiled to myself thinking, life is good.

I couldn't help but feel this overwhelming thanks for what I have. The small quiet moments that I have to myself that go undisturbed. The ability to unfold my day as I please...

This is what I'm thankful for. It's this freedom that comes with knowing you are able to do most anything. Wars have been fought for this, and time has changed us into the society we are today and its ever changing.

 The flow of water through the spout of the shower, warmth trickling over and sweet aromas of soap that fill the room. I'm content to believe that God has created man to bring a little heaven on earth.

It would be good if we could take this time to look at all we have, the people in our lives who inspire us, the efforts that go into making our job work flow. The health we strive to achieve by eating healthy and working out at the gym or my personal favorite, being in the great outdoors.

No matter where you are in this moment one thing is true. You are capable of reading this, you can breath and your heart is beating, and damn that's a good feeling.

This is going to sound odd, but I'm thankful for heart break. I'm so very thankful that I can feel and come out stronger on the other side. I'm thankful for patience and a clear mind that was once very cloudy and cluttered with chaos. That gut feeling that brings clarity, I would have not known or trusted more than I do now if it were not for heartbreak. I have gained so much grace from those moments and I'm thankful for who I am now. Everyone goes through this and if we use it in a positive way we will only attract more wonderful things into our futures. That is my wish for you.

Planes, you will forever be one of the best creations in my book. =) They have connected me to different worlds, cultures, energies and most of all people. I'm so addicted to the inspiration I draw out of others as I land from place to place. From the woman helping me board to the man at the cash register at the convenience store at the airport. The moment of take off I think about the brilliant minds that went into making this moment possible. The fact that I can fall asleep and then wake up in another country is but a dream. Flying alone is my favorite, its an escape I crave and an opportunity to test my minds endurance to change; it also makes for some interesting blog posts!

Blogs, this is a no brainer! Ever since I was a little girl I loved to write stories and take my mind to an imaginary place. Who would have known that one day I would have the possibility to write and share my thoughts, ideas and dreams with an audience that stretches around the globe? Being able to tap into my deepest thoughts and emotions is at the heart of my being, its who I am and the more I speak through my heart the more whole I feel.

I honestly could go on and on about things I am thankful for, I'm sure you don't want to see a 50 page blog post. =)

In these moments I invite you as the week unfolds to be thankful. To look inward and outward at things that shape you, your qualities and quirks. The people in your lives that remain, or those who have passed who now surround you. Share a meal, a glass of wine an embrace. But most importantly, remain present in the moment and really listen to those around you. Make the most of the time you have.

Much love to you my friends and remember to always smile.

Saturday, November 12, 2016

Focusing on Forgiveness for Self-preservation

I have been pacing through my days the last few months with a fire inside yet again. I have sung with my bands and poured out my soul over music. I have met and spent time with amazing people who made me realize my self worth and above all restored my faith in humanity.

I can't even imagine rewinding the clock to a year ago and seeing my mopey old self. I would shake her, I would grab her and tell her to wake up and smell the roses and above all I would tell her that it's never ever worth it to drag yourself through an unhappy life when it is indeed short.

This post is not about wasting time, its about learning from time spent and making absolutely sure that going forward the time is used wisely around those who inspire, lift and make us bloom.

It's true, we out-grow certain types of people as we change. It's a fact of life that we will need to leave the past behind us and move forward and that relishing the moments that take our breath away are all part of the divine plan of life to lead us to greener pastures. I for one never regret any of my decisions, in fact I think it's OK to take chances, to dance in the rain so to speak and make a fool of yourself. The people who laugh with you are the one's you want to keep.

I decided to venture back to church on Sunday. It had been over a year since I went to Corner Stone in the Mission. The message for the week was "Forgiveness", it had a lot to do with that feeling you get when you feel betrayed by someone. Now, I know not everyone who is reading this is religious or has a totally different belief, but hear me out. Basically, if I removed "God" from this statement, "It's not worth it to carry around pain of betrayal by someone, but rather to forgive the situation and find peace and let it go."

 It's so true. A lot of us are walking around carrying pain from past hurt. It's not easy to let things go sometimes, but there is no other way to achieve wholeness if you hold on too long. I think the fire dims when you hold too much pain. Many people seek activities to release anger or frustration. Personally I enjoy meditation to find my center, maybe you would too?

My wish for you is to realize that life is filled with some things that test us and make us wonder. Our fire dims from moments that hurt, but we must realize that we are in charge of adding more fuel and making ourselves glow again with great strength, resilience and zest.

As I maneuver through the days ahead, I'm trying to be more light on my feet and keep an open mind. If one thing holds true, each day that passes I'm growing closer to myself and what I want.

It's best not to take things personally if you can. Everyone is on their own journey and has their own background music playing. Part of what makes life so interesting are the lessons that we learn along the way, some of us may even need to learn a few times over again- and that's OK.

Attach yourself to the things that excite you and moments that inspire. Remember in the days ahead we have but one another to lean on. So when you see strangers on the street, share a smile, even if they don't return it; it still leaves an impression about who you are. Every person you run into you have the opportunity to have an impression on, make it a good one.