Thursday, April 14, 2016

Getting into your "Flow State"

In Mihhaly Czikszentmihalyi’s book “Flow: The Psychology of Optimal Experience” (1990), he described a state of “flow” where people involved in an activity “forget themselves, the time, their problems.” Flow is something that athletes experience when they are “in the zone,” artists experience when they are at their best, and we all are capable of experiencing when we are doing something we love. 

I would like to take some time out to express my passion about finding a career or activity in your life that you can get lost in. Maybe you already have this and I'm so incredibly happy if you do! But for those of you who are walking through life in a state of self-loathing and perhaps even a mini pity party I'd like to wake you up with a big splash of water and say "Hey, let's forget about you for a while and find something to take your mind of all this rubbish!"

Creativity is in all of us and tapping into these talents can really be beneficial to one's health and make you shine individually. For me personally, writing and expressing myself in song is where I lose myself. I like to find a quiet spot where I can listen to music and let lyrics flow; often times I'm relating my music to an event that has occurred in my life or a feeling that has suddenly come over me in an emotional way. I can lose myself completely in these moments and forget where I am and the time simply escapes me! 

Below you will find what it feels like to be in a state of "flow." 
  • You're heavily involved in what you’re doing: you’re completely focused and concentrated.
  • There’s a feeling of ecstasy- of being outside of everyday reality.
  • There’s inner clarity: you know what needs to be done and you get immediate feedback on how well you’re doing.
  • You know that the activity is reachable, that you have the necessary skills to complete the task successfully.
  • You lose your sense of self and all of your worries and troubles dissipate.
  • You lose track of time and you’re completely focused on the present moment
  • There’s an intrinsic motivation-whatever produces flow becomes it’s own reward. 

These feelings above are powerful. If you have an item in your life that can give you this then please hold onto it. If you are searching for something and you haven’t quite found it yet, perhaps you are simply missing “Flow.” The people who have found this are often times happier with how they view the world because they are owning their lives and assuring their happiness is kept. They are positive people because they have found a niche that allows them to be selfless and focused on the task at hand. I want this for you!

You know what it is that challenges you & excites you! Go after it!

As always my friends remember to smile and seek to find something you’ve always dreamed to achieve! You are here for a reason so keep on making moves!

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