Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Book a Flight: Travel Alone Now!

 I'm not even sure how long it's been since I have written in my blog..I know that I have a multitude of drafts that were never finished because I have gotten swept up in life! I'm now 32 years old and soon to be 33. I'm about to make some extremely hard decisions in the next month or so and it all began with this.....

About two weeks ago now I was in Australia. One of the most beautiful countries in the world! I packed a bag in less than 48 hours and was on a flight to Melbourne.

Let me first say what made me take this move that is completely out of character: One, I had just ended a contract with a company that I was starting to really fall in love with. Two, I had extra money saved for a rainy day. Three, I wanted to run away and escape to learn more about who I am and if I was really OK alone. While I did have friends to visit there I was alone for the most part in my travels and had to be creative with my time.

Australia is the best country to be in if you are traveling solo. For many factors, one being the fact that they speak English. Two, they are a clean country with violence that is somewhat muted in comparison to the states. I want to explain the vibe I have on Australia. This is all personal and not to be taken as light judgement what so ever but a true feeling that I had.

The first day alone in the city was a blur, extremely fast paced and a lot of people jetting off to work while I for the first time in a long time was not caught up in the 9-5 life-style and I really loved that! I got to view myself in others, that panic look of lateness or the racing thoughts of what my day might be like at work today. Negativity flushed with Facebook news feed on how I need to conquer my day and carpe diem for crying out loud! I saw a woman who was doing her make up on the street, at this time I was sipping on a S. Pelli and just enjoying my free time. I found myself hard to wind down. I was thinking in my mind- I have 12 hours, what the hell am I doing here? It actually reminded me of how up-tight I actually am and that I needed a well thought out plan and system, or routine. I had none, I had no idea what I was doing. I kept watching the lady put her make-up on and watched as she became someone different before my eyes (She was wearing a lot). I on the other hand decided to not wear as much make-up, in fact I tried not too for once. I wanted to learn to be comfortable with my flaws, and what better place to do it than in a country where no one knows you?!

ST. Patrick's Church

DT. Melbourne

The Shrine of Remembrance 

Melbourne Arts Center

I spent time in an aquarium and I felt like I was in my element. It was so nice to take as much or a little time as I wanted viewing the different fish. I realized in this moment I was so alone, but I also realized how friendly I became once alone. I paid attention to others and their smiles I shared with them, I opened the door for others and exchanged witty banter with them as well.

A highlight was a moment when I ventured off into an Irish Pub and met a man who travels for a living and how he expressed how short life is and that this trip was going to change me forever. He was so very right!

                                                             Great Ocean Road Tour

The Best Cesar I've had in my life =)

Bondi Beach, Art work

With each passing day I noticed my confidence shift from nervous to bold. I was becoming mentally strong and I could feel a shift in my mind. I was brave and I liked it. I also realized that I was having a major shift in individuality and a warmth I knew I always had but was somehow buried by doubt.
Our minds have a habit of repeating dysfunction over and over- maybe not everyone, but I definitely have this problem. I have a tendency to be my own hero and then contradict myself and do the opposite of what I know is right based on impulse. How can I change this? Well simple, the toughest of times will make you change this habit.

Back to Australia...

I had certain moments of clarity, in particular a moment at a park. I sat there meditating and taking in the sun and searching for a light to guide me- I don't mean to be cheesy, but in that moment I felt a tingle in my spine and I smiled to myself and thought, no matter what I'm going to be just fine. I then spent time walking everywhere I could. Not once did I take a tram, I did not want to miss a thing. Plus I was getting great exercise! Along the Yarra river was my favorite. The sky scrappers were so beautiful to me, I could stare at them all day long while sipping a glass of vino- this was the life baby! I felt like I wanted to jump in, meaning I wanted to live in Australia- I wanted a job there, the accent, the vibe, the new start! My heart was singing with joy!

No, I'm not moving to Australia, haha! But the thought crossed my mind a few times for sure!

I really do love the bay area and I knew in my heart of hearts that I was going to bring back a part of Australia home with me- even some of the slang such as "Cheeky." ( meaning: naughty)  :)

What travel does to me:
Makes my brain go crazy with intentions of adventure
Makes my body more relaxed
Makes me smile heaps more
I feel regal and worldly
Gives me a story to tell people I meet
Makes me feel free to do absolutely anything I please
Wild & Young

How does travel make you feel?
Do you have anxiety about traveling alone?

Here is the weirdness:

I have anxiety. However, I'm NEVER anxious when I travel alone- I just get bouts of doubt, but it's quickly managed by the 'fight or flight' syndrome. I do the best on planes when I have to look out for someone else; it's amazing how often I am placed next to someone scared of flying, it makes me a caring individual who will be brave for them. I panic when I see new spaces, like new terminals with different rules; however I navigate better under pressure.

Food for thought: It's totally ok to realize that you are amazing. I don't mean for you to sound cocky in any way shape or form, but really- you can be a kick ass individual and be ok with that. Promise me you will do this for yourself and love yourself through and through. Pat yourself on the back even! Being able to adapt to  new surroundings and make new friends in another country is pretty incredible. You get to shine and be magical! If you can do me a favor and travel once alone it will change you for the better- no matter the situation, good or bad! My resiliency has grown from this trip and has had a very positive effect on my life and made me realize what I want and do not want going forward. If you're not happy right now, do me a favor and fix that ASAP. =)

Have a great day my friends and remember to always smile!

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